Using role-play to build empathy and champion the need for user-centred design

Why we introduced role-play

How we ran the role-play workshop

  1. Every persona had a character summary card on the Miro board, which gave an overview of the persona. This included a headshot, their background, high-level user need, mindset, current pain points, and a quote from the user research.
  2. Each attendee was already assigned to a persona. They first spent some time individually reading their assigned character summary card.
  3. Next, we went around the group introducing each persona, speaking in the first person- ‘I’m [Name] and I’m a [Persona type]’ .
  4. I then led the discussion, acting as the narrator in the style of a story. I walked through the service journey bringing in the personas to the virtual stage. I’d ask how they’d respond to the situations we knew happened in the current journey based on the research we’d done. We encouraged the people role-playing personas who would engage with each other during the real process to talk to each other in the workshop and share perspectives.

Lessons learned

Feedback about the session



At Difrent our mission is simple, Digital is about People, not just Technology.

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