Success is the Team

Whoever said success is a lonely journey, didn’t know what they were talking about. No one succeeds alone! Behind every great person, idea, great thought that is converted into an opportunity, is teamwork. And yes, if you haven’t met me yet, I am a big believer in teamwork and love giving my views on anything and everything.

I was born and bred in Dubai, and a complete princess as some would describe me, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Princesses do indeed need to work with a team too! I have recently joined Difrent as a deployment consultant and loving being a part of a team that is a big supporter of teamwork and believes in their people.

A lot of us nowadays have genuinely overused the terminology teamwork. Every time I bring up the topic, I see people nodding their head and stating that teamwork stands for helping each other or working together. Whereas, I think teamwork means having the same clear vision, set out amongst the whole team and that is what sets us apart, at the end of the day consistency matters! Consistency at the end sums up to results, which we all look forward to.

Sometimes, I wonder how great leaders like Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid of Dubai, Gandhi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany, succeeded in life and achieved what they had promised. When I read a bit more in detail, I realised they all worked with a team who believed in delivering the same results and caring about their people.

I am blessed to have been surrounded by the right company and have always bounced off people’s energy. I have had the pleasure of working with a few teams in the past and mentored a team of four, and trust me when I say this; it is fantastic! How it’s always said, teamwork makes the dream work. I have worked with different people, different personalities, I am not going to lie, it has been a challenge. Effective teamwork does not occur automatically.

I remember my first important event as a team leader; one team member refused to see anyone else’s point of view. I knew that we weren’t going to be productive if we couldn’t get this team member to collaborate. I pulled the team member aside after the first week and told her how much I value her opinion. I also emphasised that since we were a multicultural group with different personalities, we have to pick our battles and be somewhat flexible. I feel once I pointed that out, she understood the negative impact that her behaviour was having on the rest of the team. When I saw how well she responded to our conversation, I realised that instead of arguing with the team member, it was more productive to have a quick chat and make it a more healthy environment.

Understanding and being able to deliver the same results can be tricky. I have had a few of my team members in the past who were outspoken, gave their views on everything and at the same time, I have worked with complete opposites, who won’t utter a word in a team meeting. These quieter personalities are the ones we should all watch out for, excellent observers- scary I know but pure geniuses!

I am an extrovert, love talking to people, can talk for hours…literally! Dealing with an introvert is hard work, the question that comes up every single team before I would call a meeting would be, to brainstorm..or not to brainstorm? I always had to give a heads up to an introvert team member so they could prepare and shine because let’s face it, they don’t like sharing or opening up in front of team members. I say empower them with advanced warnings and let’s get them more involved and let them shine!

When you work with a team, you don’t get the “A TEAM”, you have to work towards it together to make it a dream team, which I completely forgot along the way. When I first got the opportunity to lead a team, I expected my team members to be robots, expected them to be perfect and it was a terrible approach. Along the way I learnt that they aren’t my minions, they are people, willing to learn, willing to adapt, and all I needed to do was, help them grow along the way and show them that I care. I changed the way I practised leadership, I made time to hear them out, had one on one meetings to understand where they were going wrong and how I could help them achieve their goal, which resulted in so much more positivity.

Teamwork is essential, not only because it aids the communication process internally, but it helps create a shared goal while boosting energy. Teamwork has helped me build long-term relationships with my colleagues, it has now been a year since I last worked in my previous job, where I mentored a team, and I still have a quick catch up with them every week because of the bond we have shared in the past.

It is all about teamwork, sometimes you shine bright, and sometimes you pass on the torch and let someone else from the team shine brightly. Let’s be selfless at times and achieve a lot more and not think about who will be applauded for the job well done.

Written by Areesha Malik, Difrent Deployment



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