Methodologies & Frameworks, WHY?

Printed sticky notes glued on a board.
Image: Printed sticky notes glued on a board. Photo credit.

Where to start?

A few weeks ago I posed the question on Linkedin, “Do delivery teams use methodologies & frameworks correctly” and the results were:

Agile Umbrella
Image: Agile Umbrella


Take a look at the agile umbrella and every framework that sits underneath it (illustration above). In my most recent experience, the agile approach is what every programme of work or project wants to take in order to deliver their required outcomes.


Then try introducing ITIL into the mix.


The real issues with methodologies and frameworks are that you have to believe in them honestly. You have to buy into it from the start, or otherwise, you’re not going to pass the course.

In Summary

I have mentioned just a few of the methodologies and frameworks that are out there in this blog. There are more, so remember there are many ways of skinning a cat. Your programme or project has to start somewhere. I have no hints or tips for this blog as any hints or tips I would give would have to be method or framework-specific.



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