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2 min readDec 11, 2020


Diary of a CEO: July to September 2020

Welcome to Rachel’s latest instalment of Diary of a CEO.

Listen as Rachel updates on the crazy last few months and gets honest about what an acquisition really entails!

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What went well?

01:20 A scientific approach to bidding and remote pitching

03:43 Difrent’s acquisition by The Panoply Group

07:04 Face-to-face meetings with staff and clients

08:15 Watching Nic Carney and Merissa Brown at the Socitm graduation and Rachel’s relationship with Socitm’s, Nadira Hussain

Group picture of Difrent’s Senior Leadership Team wearing buffs.
Group picture of Difrent’s Senior Leadership Team wearing buffs. From top left to right: Steve Dhillon, Rachel Murphy, Nic Carney, Charmaine Coleman. From bottom left to right: Randal Whitmore, Zoë Gould, Daniel Leakey

What hasn’t gone well?

09:40 The pandemic rages on and thoughts on building award-winning Home Testing service

10:40 Personal challenges with family members passing from Covid19 and illnesses ( To donate to Rachel’s fundraising for cancer treatment in the USA click this link)

13:55 Difrent’s Founder, Steve Dhillon, left the company

Focus for the next three months

15:18 Moving out of London after 20 years

16:00 Hiring permanent talent for Difrent and building relationships within The Panoply Group

16:45 NHS Jobs going live and new projects and new clients

17:30 Speaking events including joining Matt Hancock at GovTechSummit, MOD, how it’s all about people talking to people, and managing energy

22:10 Summing up the next few months

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